Digital Marketer

I’m Stéphane Recouvreur, currently Marketing Web Lead at Squiz.

With over 10 years of marketing under my belt, I honed skills in user research, positioning, UX/UI, web design and copywriting.

How can I help?

Web design

I specialise in redesigning websites going through a rebrand to deliver an exceptional web experience to visitors.



I undertook the redesign of Squiz's website as a 6-month project, creating wireframes, design and leading a team of designers and web developers.

Advanced Navigation

I led the redesign and implementation of the company's new website, with improved look-and-feel, SEO, content and lead capture.

Pirates Electronics

I created Pirates Electronics, an online platform to learn electronics, from scratch after raising $35k on Kickstarter. I collaborated with a graphic designer to create all the artwork.

Luke's Lens

A complete new branding and website redesign for a local photographer. I also optimised his online profile, going from 0 to 10 reviews in two months.

Cloud Ground Control

A complete rework of the Cloud Ground Control website using Figma for mockups and Webflow for web design, in just under a week.


I run mostly ads on LinkedIn. I develop ads to grab the attention and maximise our engagement with our audience.


Advanced Navigation ads

Retargeting ad concept for Advanced Navigation. The use of the company's colour scheme and strong visuals helps the audience to make an immediate association with our brand.

Powering navigation

An ad concept to promote the many applications of our navigation solutions, giving a voice to our customers' stories. Each specific ad redirects the user to a case study.


A few ads for a LinkedIn campaign to promote the launch of our new Digital FOG "Boreas".


I educate our audience about our industry through long-form content, positioning ourselves as experts in their field.


GPS denied solutions and upcoming technologies

This blog post allows Advanced Navigation to rank #1 for "GPS Denied Solutions", a highly coveted keyword for defence engineers looking at upcoming solutions in this space.

How AI is revolutionising inertial navigation

An article for the company's blog explaining in plain English how our unique approach to the traditional Kalman filter is a leap forward for the industry.

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