Hi, I'm Stéphane.

I am a B2B Digital Marketer specialising in Account-Based Marketing.

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User Research

Every good marketing starts with an understanding of your customers’ pain points and how your product can solve their problems. I conduct customer interviews and analyse website data to draw a clear roadmap for your marketing efforts.


I help shape your positioning and messaging with a compelling website that immediately resonate with your audience. I create mockups for your design team or even code your website to deliver the best customer experience possible for your audience.

Lead Generation

I identify where your audience is and share your messaging at the right time in their buying cycle to maximise impact and ROI. I typically use a mix of SEO, content marketing, cold email, marketing automation and paid advertising.


Customer Research


A great platform to interact with a wide variety of users and get first-hand feedback on your website or product.


Hotjar helps me get a better understanding of what resonate with users on a page using heatmaps or surveys.

Google Analytics

The industry benchmark to analyse how your customers interact with your website and uncover areas of growth.

Google Optimize

I like to run A/B tests to validate hypotheses and understand what messaging is driving adoption.

Web Design


Simply the best tool to rapidly throw ideas on a screen, design mockups or build an elaborate prototype for testing.


Making changes to a website should not take weeks. Webflow allows marketers to run a customer-facing site without code.


I can code websites from scratch or make elaborate changes without trouble. I can also code (a little) in PHP and Python.


I’ve set up, developed and managed many websites for clients using this popular and robust platform.


Google Ads

My go-to solution for running ads. I've run multiple successful campaigns on this platform for more than 8 years.


The ultimate tool for SEO. I use Ahrefs on a daily basis to monitor technical issues, backlinks and competitors.


It is a solid and effective platform. I've run countless campaigns on this platform and it has never failed me.

Active Campaign

Probably the best CRM with Hubspot for SMBs. Customer management, automation, email - it does it all!

LinkedIn Ads

A very expensive ad network that allows you to precisely target the right people in any organisation.


This is the tool to "glue" all the others together. There's no zap combination that I haven't done before.

Task Management


Not my favourite product management software, but I typically us ite to communicate with web developers


A much better wiki and documentation tool than Confluence in my opinion. Easy to use and just beautiful.


Hi, I’m Stéphane.

I am an experienced B2B Digital Marketer, currently working at Advanced Navigation, a GNSS-INS manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia.

I have a knack for understanding a company’s existing performance and find bottlenecks preventing any business from achieving their goals.

My unique combination of skills - branding, customer research, web design, marketing automation or online ads - allows me to assist businesses at any stage of the customer cycle and keep most of the work in-house for faster project turnaround.

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Keep It Simple

I break complex problems into smaller ones and stay focused on delivering the business' vision.

Learn Fast

I like to talk to customers, run experiments and analyse users’ data to identify friction and unlock growth.

Stay Lean

No code tools, off-the-shelf softwares and a bit of creativity is all I need to get things done.


I am always open to discuss your challenges, improve your customer experience or answer your UX/UI design questions.

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