Hi, my name is Stéphane Recouvreur and I am a digital marketer specialising in branding and marketing strategy. I help small and large companies design and run powerful marketing campaigns.

About me

I have over 6 years of experience in marketing, working with startups, large multinational corporations and everything in between. I am a well-rounded marketer, with skills in PPC, SEO, email marketing, social media, CRM, automation, analytics and more.

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What can I assist you with?

I can help you design and run end-to-end campaigns. Here are a few areas that I specialise in.


Do you need to rethink your business, reposition your brand or simply refresh your messaging? I can help you making sense of what your business is about and shape how people perceive you product or service.

Marketing campaigns

Getting heard and attracting the right kind of customers is hard. We will brainstorm marketing ideas, test and refine prototypes, and run effective marketing campaigns together.

Sales funnel

Trouble converting visitors into customers, or simply wish you could be more efficient at selling? I will take a look at your sales process, help you simplify your business and increase your conversion rate.

How I work

I follow a simple 4-step approach with clients.

Set the challenge

We'll first have a chat to find out what you and your business are trying to achieve, and where the pain points are. We will dig through your data and do some research.

Define a plan of action

This is where we work out how we will achieve the goals we've set earlier: we will do a lot brainstorming, prototyping and testing. 

Manage campaigns

This is where we will spend the most of our time: setting up and running our marketing campaigns. It will involve creative design, building our sales funnel and closely monitor our progress.


Are our marketing efforts effective? What can we do better? We will analyse your data and uncover areas of improvement for future campaigns.

My Services

I can undertake a large set of marketing activities for your business.

I am available for freelance work

Do you have a project in mind? Or just a few marketing questions you would like to float around? Get in touch today!